Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ford GTLM Spec II Test car


  1. WTF with MR's car?
    I cant drive this car.
    It's the same thing with all MRs..
    Your setting cannot stop those car to spin.
    That's crazy man, i never been frustrated like that of my life lol
    In gt5 the gt40 test car WAS my favorite, but in gt6.. Holly crap....
    That car is a crap to put in trash!

  2. I agree, this car is not well build in GT6, like some others in every class, GT3 , Le mans..... This is the best i can with this one. It's possible to add front ballast but it change the car too much. No more fun like this. If you drive it 90% , or less agressive , it work. I'm as fast with it as with the MClaren stealth .

  3. But in that kind of pp, I prefer to go with Honda HSV...
    HSV rules !
    I hope that Kaz give us a new update to correct that big problem.
    My next try will be your 22B tune...
    Tkx again and again !

  4. At 650pp it's a crap.... but if u set a room with race cars at 1300kg and u just adjust the ballast 50/50, u got a competitive car. Similar for the gt lm race spec II and gt lm that u can ballast it at 1200kg in a 1200kg / 600hp restrictions u will have a lot of fun with it... Finally, gt6 is built for hp/kg race ! way to get more competitives cars and a lot of choice.

  5. I added 150kg at -50% and put the power limiter to 96, 7%. Now it drives and handles like a dream. Great fun to trash it around and very forgiving. Used it in a lot of international A races and dominated them (15min ones by almost a minute). It's one of my favorite cars in GT6. Also very good if you downgrade it to 600pp. Thx for the tune praiano :)

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