Monday, December 16, 2013

BMW M3 CSL '03


  1. Thks for your precious tunes.
    Probably a good sensation to know now that a lot of virtual racers that you ignore but those like me are always happy to receive that help from any place in the are a so Master whit a big "M".
    I'm the guy from Quebec city who wrote you via youtube since a long ago.
    As you told me that you speak french too, will be an honor to meet you on track someday.
    (My comunity sure appreciate your presence with us so u are welcome).
    Happy Holidays, Joyeux Noël mon ami !

  2. Merci beaucoup pour ces compliments. Trop d'honneur. Bien sûr nous pourrions nous rencontrer online pour quelques courses. A bientôt.
    Joyeux noel mon ami ,ainsi qu'à tous les Quebecois qui aiment mes chars... ;-)

  3. Hey I tried to use this profile but it did not work. I could not get the gear ratios to go as high as you have in gear 2 and up. For example you have gear 2 set at 3.4 but mine only goes up to 3.110. I also don't understand what initial final and initial speed mean. Thanks though.

  4. Hello.
    To match the ratios numbers you need to have the same parts installed, same power.
    After just do in the same order:
    -set final gear to 4.000
    -Top speed slider to minimum = 200 kmh
    -Set each gear ratios
    -Set again the final gear to 2.050

  5. i read your blog, its awesome,thanks for sharing this.Buy BMW M3 Tyres Online in delhi and many other place in india.

    1. Hello.
      You´re welcome, i don´t update or publish anything more in this blog . For news and updated tunes, you can check here in my garage . There is a new M3 CSL , a very performant M3 GTR and M5 `08
      have a good day.