Monday, December 16, 2013

Audi R8 LMS Phoenix '12


  1. Your tune is brilliant, but I think users should increase front brake balance at circuits with heavy braking zones.

  2. Thanks , front brake balance induce oversteer in GT6, you can set it the way you prefer, ity's just a base tune to start with, you can adapt it to your driving style.
    Good drive.

  3. Very good!!
    I had found a setup so i could handle the R8, and it was fast. This setup is 2 seconds faster on Silverstone GP circuit. Around 1:59, with power limit on 100% and standard gearing.
    Thank you from Copenhagen.

  4. You're welcome, enjoy your drive.

  5. Este carro não funciona em canto nehum, esta quebrado sei la, mal feito , com programação errada, alias todos os R8 de corrida.
    Este acerto e so pra tornar ele dirigivel. Mais pra correr contra outros..... não da não.

  6. Há tá pensei que o problema era a peça entre o volante e o assento kkk

  7. Thank you very much! Your setups have improved my GT6 experience :)

  8. does this tune work on the R8 LMS ultra 12??

  9. Sup Praiano? Is it possible that you update your app at the phone? And even update some few cars, cause some transmissions donnot match like the way you wrote it down at the app. Some cars behave different/weird because PD updated some cars and you didnt. So please can you update your mobile-app? Btw your tunes in overall are awesome! ;)

    Regards, Jay (leader/founder Team NLD Racing)

  10. The few news tunes will be updated soon.PD didn´t change a lot of things with 1.09 update. Camber is still broken. Transmission are still the same. They match yes. For this you need to instal the power parts first then set the gears the way i describe on the sheet.
    95% of my cars are still very performant and i don´t pretend to updates those ones.
    I don´t play GT for the moment, i´m a bit bored with the game. Perhaps later.
    Have a good drive.

  11. Olá praiano tudo bem? Como é que vc fez pra colocar o spring rate da traseira em 16? Porque aqui nos meus Audi o mínimo que eu consigo colocar é 19,79 se não me engano. Obrigado.

    Nino Rainier

    1. All my cars updated at or an excel file sending me a mail at