Friday, January 3, 2014

Mercedes Sauber C9 '99


  1. Why do you put the acceleration sense only to 9? Im using 9 on brake and torque as well but why on the acceleration? It makes the car steer bad and go slow out of the corners, the cars traction is so extremely high Im using 24 on a fully tuned one without trouble.
    Also Im curious about your brakes, isnt 0/2 setting the brakes extremely weak? Like you're losing time in front of the corner? Im using 8/7 and the thing stops right when I just look at the brakes. You're damper settings and 0 camber works well.

  2. This is a base tune, it´s for everybody drive easily. The LSD accel to 9 allow people who drive pressing a button to control the power out corner without problems.
    Brakes are not good anymore. This setting 0/2 was before 1.04 update , now ,higher number = more braking power
    I don`t know why but i can´t edit this blog anymore. That´s why i´m not publishing or updating tuning sheet anymore here.
    You can go in my garage in GTPlanet , there you will find the news tunes and also in post 3 of my garage , all the updates brake balance.
    The APP garage is already update with new tuning sheets. I just need a click to correct something for this APP and future IOS garage.
    For the pictures i need to edit again and post one by one. This is not easy because i begin to have a lot of tunes and i´ll have much more in a close future.
    Have a good day.

  3. was hoping you had a tune in your arsenal for the Mercedes Sauber C9 '89 that tire friendly. Our perhaps a general tune for the Lemans cars that conserves the tires , most notably the rear tires. To be even more specific the 24 min. Lemans in single player mode. Any help would be appreciated:)

  4. I was working on the 24 minute race at Daytona currently in the seasonal events. The key to a tire friendly setup is to reduce downforce as much as possible. Also, you need to remember that the power figure given in the game is a qualifying trim. In real life, these cars limited themselves to about 700hp for a race. So reducing power output is essential to do a simulated 24 hours!

    I think the settings above are good for technical circuits. I definitely prefer something softer for speedways, however. I think that this is a matter of personal preference and also very much dependent on what sort of controller or wheel you use.

  5. Praiano:

    I also just saw your comment about camber in another post. So true. A negative camber setting on the C9 is untenable. You want zero degrees, just as you have in your settings, to maximize the ability of the rear tire to transmit power to the road.

    This is an aero car anyway. Suspension matters, but the grip comes massive tires and massive aero rather than stiff springs and sway bars.