Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mazda 787B Stealth Model


  1. Great Tune. Lacks a little bit of top end power in the straights compared to other LMP cars but it makes up for it around the corners :D

    This was tested on Sarthe (No Chicane)
    I will continue to test around other tracks

  2. Dear tuning guru. If that's only 'ok' on Nordschliffe I'd like to see what is good!

    Stock I couldn't put a valid lap down and with your tune I went through the first gate at 1:01 and the 5 min 44 sec lap is at the top of my records 1 sec in front of the merc sauber

    I'd happily pay for this tune but I'm a poor arse gamer so I'm paying the compliment you deserve. I wonder why more people don't big up you but its probably coz they cant drag themselves away from their PS3's due to their awesomely performing vehicles

  3. Dude, this thing gave me fits in the wet during the 24 Minute Challenge at Spa. I still Golded, but it was hell. With your tune it handled like a Dream, and I killed it! MAD props!

    Mick, Canada

  4. Nice, try my PESCAROLO C60 HYBRID JUDD '05 this is the fastest LMP i have and also good to pilot.
    Have a good drive.

  5. It's weird, the first time I went on the Nordschliffe with this tune I slayed, first time I actually got gold, but since I haven't been able to get higher than 4, which has nothing to do with the tune, but it's just weird how bad I suddenly got at it.

    Anyway, gonna try your tune for Peugeot 908 since you commented on it being easy (and it's my only other Le Mans car :/ )

  6. Thanks again Praiano. That's another fine mess you've got me out of. You are good and gracious. :-)

  7. I dunno but I got too much under and oversteer from this tune :/